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The Constellation: A Poor Man’s Vertu?

constellation vertu

By David Ponce

Although we think that Vertu phones are rather fugly, they do a pretty good job of being ridiculously expensive and presumably exclusive (which is richspeak for “I’m better than you”). However, Vertu’s recently announced the introduction of the Constellation line of phones, which will allegedly be more affordable.

There are three models available, one with gold and black leather, one with polished steel and black leather, and the third with satin steel and dark-brown leather. The good news is these phones won?t be entirely featureless, as they?re coming with EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth, USB connectivity and a music player. They?re also using the Nokia S40UI, which is better than the old Vertu?s UI by quite a long shot.

Of course, whether this means that the handsets will come down into the three-digit range is still under debate, as the company has not announced pricing. They’ll be out in October.

VIA [Crunchgear]


One response to “The Constellation: A Poor Man’s Vertu?”

  1. Leer met een gouden randje…

    Er lijkt maar geen einde te komen aan de innovatie op het gebied van mobiele telefoons. Wanneer de prestaties niet aan verbetering toe zijn, is het wel de uiterlijke schoonheid van de kleine tot statussymbool verworden toestelletjes. Dat is ook……