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Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Reviewed. Verdict: Backlight Not Bright Enough

This is how the Saitek Eclipse II (top) compares to the Logitech G15 physically.

By Ian Chiu

If you like fragging enemies in total darkness, you will appreciate this illuminated gaming keyboard from Saitek. The Eclipse II has 3 colors of backlighting to choose from. It also comes with a full dimmer control. Everything USB has just posted a review of this keyboard, but their editor wants the backlight to be a bit brighter.

After all is said and done with the Saitek Eclipse II, I like it very much. For me I see lots and lots of peripherals and frequently once I am done using them, they go into the big pile of stuff in my garage never to be used again. However, every now and then I like something enough for it to make the big leagues and wind up on my desk. I have been using the Eclipse II for several weeks now, and while I’d like it to be brighter, I have no major complaints about it.

[Full Review @ Everything USB]

  • anony

    If your going to post a story at least get the photo of the right product. Jesus you lazy crazy blogger who doesnt do crap.

  • AndroidReplica

    I have a Saitek, and it’s perfectly bright for me. There is a level switch on it. Maybe this new model doesn’t have one.