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Wind-Up Robot Pencil Sharpener

Wind-Up Robot Pencil Sharpener (Images courtesy Hawkin's Bazar)
By Andrew Liszewski

While this pencil sharpener doesn’t really improve on the design or function of sharpeners in general it does provide a fun pay-off to the whole process.

The turning motion of sharpening a pencil is used to wind-up a clockwork mechanism causing this classic sci-fi themed robot to wander around your desk for a few seconds. And if you find yourself completely out of pencils the robot also comes with a winding key to keep it going.

Get your own Wind-up Robot pencil sharpener at Hawkin’s Bazar for ?3.50.

[Wind-Up Robot Pencil Sharpener @ Hawkin’s Bazar]

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  • Taskan Ibrahim


    I have just visited your site and am interested in your robot sharpener. Can you confirm whether you would be willing to let me use your pictures of this product to advertise on my own website. I would be grateful for your prompt reply.