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The Virtuoso Self-Playing Violin

virtuoso self playing violinBy David Ponce

Far be it from us to suggest that technological advances might be doing too good of a job in replacing humans at whatever it is humans do. We envision a future where our days are filled with vigorous naps, enthusiastic lunches, much beer guzzling and not much else. And, the Virtuoso self-playing violin seems to us like just another step in that direction. Costing $17,500, and having taken the engineering prowess of a retired president of a military technology company, along with a former NASA administrator to design, the device simply eliminates the job of “violinist”.

The high cost is explained by the fact that creating a self-playing violin is a lot more complex than a self-playing piano. Nevertheless, there you have it. And for those of you screaming “Balderdash!”, we’ve included (yet again) a video for your watching pleasure… after the jump.

[Virtuoso self-playing piano violin] VIA [I4U]


4 responses to “The Virtuoso Self-Playing Violin”

  1. O Violino Que Toca Sozinho…

    O Virtuoso ? um violino toca sozinho. O projeto foi criado por um presidente aposentado de uma companhia de tecnologia militar, e um ex-funcion?rio da NASA. Criar um violino autom?tico ? bem mais complexo do que um piano, e por……

  2. AndroidReplica says:

    Amazing. The next step will be creating robotic audiences, whose level of applause can be adjusted via credit card input.

  3. Zelfspelende viool…

    Automatisering neemt steeds verder toe, maar dreigt nu toch echt door te gaan slaan. Waar het in de fabrieken als noodzakelijk mag worden geacht, is de functionaliteit van deze gadget mij even onduidelijk. De zelfspelende viool “Virtuoso” elimineert …

  4. Digital Group says:

    Un virtuoso violin que toca solo. fue inventado por un presidente retirado de una compa?ia y un ex-funcionario de la nasa. Tocar un violin es mas dificil que un piano.