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Tengo Free Promises To Turn You Into Crazy Speedtyper

tengo free logoBy David Ponce

This is an amazing piece of software for your pocket PC or Palm that promises to improve your typing speed severalfold. It uses a clever combination of predictive text input, and six large buttons, each containing a portion of the alphabet, all arranged QWERTY style. Simple as that. Simply press each button that contains the letter you want once, and type in your word. Having six large buttons means your accuracy is improved, and consequently your typing speed.

How fast can you type? Well, if you come inside, you can watch a somewhat freaky video of a Japanse Singaporean/Malaysian (my apologies) lady typing at 72wpm.

The best part? It’s free! The company also offers an enhanced version (nicer UI, more words in the dictionary), which goes between $13 and $25 depending on the device you’ll use it on.

[Tengo Free] VOA [Gizmologia]


4 responses to “Tengo Free Promises To Turn You Into Crazy Speedtyper”

  1. Kouroth says:

    What is ‘utf-8?’?

  2. Sireath says:

    She looks Singaporean.

  3. Ruibre says:

    Sounds Singaporean, too.

  4. klutzo says:

    Defintely Singaporean or Malaysian. I’m from the region, so know what the accent sounds like. =>