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SkyScout (Image courtesy Techie Diva's Guide to Gadgets)By Andrew Liszewski

Telescopes with the ability to automatically adjust their position to point towards a particular star or constellation are nothing new but typically setups with that functionality are not that portable. This is where the SkyScout comes in. Wherever you are just point the handheld device at any celestial object in the sky and with the click of a button the SkyScout will identify it and provide a comprehensive text and audio description about the object including its history, mythology and other info. While the optics in the SkyScout are definitely no replacement for a full-size telescope I think its size and functionality make it a useful tool for any astronomer.

The SkyScout also has an SD card slot for adding optional “Sky Tour” audio presentations and includes a USB port which allows its database to be updated with new discoveries like comets or even man-made objects such as the space shuttle.

The SkyScout is currently available for about $400.

[SkyScout] VIA [Techie Diva’s Guide to Gadgets]


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  1. Jason Mulek says:

    For a great user review of the Celestron SkyScout check out this page.