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The Bluevoice Merges Timepiece With Bluetooth Headset

chronotech bluevoice watch

By David Ponce

The Bluevoice, from Chronotech actually sounds like a fairly useful product. It’s both a watch, and a Bluetooth headset. When you get a call, simply detach the face of the watch and place it in your ear, and use as you would any other Bluetooth headset. When you’re done, take it out, and put it back on your wrist.

This is great because you’d be less likely to misplace your headset, as I’m sure more than a few of you have already done. Also, you don’t have to wear the earpiece at all times, which makes you look like less of a dork.

There’s an analog and a digital model, and they’ll sell between $120 and $130. From our understanding, these are already available through their website, though the main publicity push will occur at this year’s CES.

[Product Page] VIA [TechEBlog]

Also, [The Chronotech Website (Warning: Horrible Flash website)]


3 responses to “The Bluevoice Merges Timepiece With Bluetooth Headset”

  1. jkOnTheRun says:

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  2. SCI FI Tech says:

    This Bluetooth headset moonlights as a wristwatch…

    We love Bluetooth headsets for their wireless nature and their ability to let you answer calls without even touching your phone — at least until we have to take……

  3. Kouroth says:

    That is the stupidest looking thing I?ve seen in a very long time. That said it?s nice to know people are trying new things.