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HP Portable PhotoSmart A716 Printer Reviewed. Verdict: Versatile, but Pricey

Everything USB has reviewed what appears to be one of the most versatile photo printers out there. The PhotoSmart A716 is built-in with several features designed for portability in mind. For starter, you’ll find a 4GB hard drive that provides temporary photo storage during long trips. The 2.5″ LCD allows for a variety of photo editing, albeit rather primitive. The front USB port also isn’t just for direct printing from PictBridge cameras; it can offload images from the built-in HDD to an external USB hard drive or a CD/DVD burner. It’s too bad that the total ownership cost is still a lot higher than getting the digital photos printed at a local Wal-mart.

The HP Photosmart A716 is the perfect printer for shutterbug that wants to be able to print and store photos on the go. That is assuming you don’t mind paying twice what you could print the same photos for at your local Wal-Mart. At the end of the day the A716 prints great photos, but you pay dearly for them.

[HP PhotoSmart A716 Review] @ Everything USB