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GearLive At Tom Bihn HQ

tom bihn and andru edwards

By David Ponce

Seems like our editors have been on a Tom Bihn binge lately. And, why not? They make some fine bags. So, here’s a little more. Our friends over at GearLive actually met Tom Bihn and went to the “Tom Bihn Labs” for a little look around.

So, follow the link below for the Bleeding Edge TV episode with none other than Tom Bihn, and Gearlive head honcho, Andru Edwards.

[BleedingEdge TV With Tom Bihn]


3 responses to “GearLive At Tom Bihn HQ”

  1. MM says:

    This place is starting to look like a TB ad. Some balance please, and less sucking up to them to get free bags.

  2. dponce80 says:

    MM, you’re totally right. No more TB for a LOONG time. Though, for the record, we’re not sucking up to them to get free bags. Hell, I think we can get a “free bag” without sucking up now. But, this article IS sucking up to the guys at GearLive. Simply because we think they do a kickass job with their Bleeding Edge TV vlog, and this seemed like an appropriate way to show that.

    So… I officially declare a mention ban on all things Tom Bihn for at least… well, at least a long while.

  3. MM says:

    Hurrah! A ban on all things TB! Actually, had never seen the BETV Podcast so thanks for turning me onto it.

    Did you ever review any of the SF Bags (Waterfield Designs)? They blow most stuff away IMHO (I am a TOTAL bag and case junkie) – If you’re looking for bags to review, they make some beautiful pieces.