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Go Green, Purchase Ugly NmG Electric Car

nmg car

By David Ponce

Well, calling the NmG electric car from Myers Motors “ugly” might be a little harsh… How about: “donning progressive neo-urban aesthetics”? I completely made that up, and it probably means nothing, but it’s hard to hate on any kind of transportation that has zero emissions. Sure, the required 4 to 8 hour charge will only take you on a sucktastic 30 mile drive (though it tops a decent 70mph), but that should be plenty for anyone that uses their vehicle simply to commute.

We suspect that if you’re willing to go through with plopping down a cool $25,000 for this one-seater, you’re also likely to turn a blind eye (and ear) to the stares and stifled giggles from your bemused co-workers. After all, you’re saving the environment, and they’ll rot in hell.

[Myers Motors] VIA [SciFi Tech]