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The Time Fountain Will Turn Back Time

nate true time fountain

By David Ponce

Put some fluorescent dye in water. Then feed it through a precise, micro-controlled pump so as to get a very regular stream of drops from the top of your apparatus. Then, turn the blacklight on, and start your strobelight. What you’ve just created is called The Time Fountain, and happens to be one of the trippiest DIY projects we’ve ever come across.

It’s the brainchild of one Nate True, and what you’re able to do with this project will simply amaze you. By regulating the strobe’s frequency, you’re able to freeze a drop of water in mid-air, and interact with it; break it up and such. You can slow the drip down, or even better, reverse it, hence the name: in reverse, it looks like your fountain is going back in time.

Of course, there’s a video. So come right in.

[Nate True’s Time Fountain] VIA [TechEBlog]