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The Experimental Open Mic Friday

open mic

By David Ponce

Here’s hoping that we’ll be able to remove the word “experimental” one day. That of course depends entirely on you guys. “Open Mic Friday” is an invitation to get some sort of discussion going right here in the comments. The more feces are flung, the better, though we’d definately appreciate it more if instead of feces, you could fling love, passion and speculation for all things technological.

Of course, we realize that trees don’t grow without seeds, so let me fling you (see, we’re flinging too) a couple of topics that might arouse a conversation or two.

Or not.

– Is Digg’s Kevin Rose really worth $60 million?

Women prefer Plasmas to diamonds! Has hell frozen over?

– Gizmodo calls: touchscreen video iPod due out in November. Any baseless opinions?

Google screams Bloody Murder! at the “genericide” of its brand name. Shouldn’t it be happy its gotten so popular, Google is now a verb?