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Xylon Bikes Make Beautiful Wooden Bicycle Frames

wood bike frames
wood bike frames

By David Ponce

Certainly, for most serious cycling enthusiasts out there, shaving a few pounds off their bike’s weight is a good thing. Then, there are those for whom adding a pound or ten makes perfect sense, so long as it confers upon them the title of Most Awesomest Bike-Frame Owner. These people would undoubtedly try to purchase a wooden frame from Xylon Bikes.

While we’re not quite certain these models are for sale anywhere, they do actually exist. The designers have kept

the number of metal parts to the minimum, the frames are hand built to exacting specifications using state of the art adhesives, aeronautical grade plywood, and seasoned hardwoods each chosen for their natural beauty and mechanical properties.

There are four models, and since we don’t know whether or not they’re for sale, we have no idea how much they may cost.

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