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The Tourist Remover

tourist remover

By David Ponce

Tourists can be a pesky bunch. They’re always milling about, pointing at things, looking somewhat lost, and most importantly, getting in the way of you taking a nice clean tourist-free shot of that special landmark. Well, a new service called Tourist Remover can take care of them for you.

No, unfortunately, they won’t physically “remove” them; they’ll simply erase their digital trace from your pictures. All you have to do is take a bunch of pictures of your landmark from the same spot, send them the pics, and they’ll perform the Photoshop magic for you. Best of all, the service is free.

[Tourist Remover] VIA [The Raw Feed]

  • Ian Weir

    Sheer brilliance.. No other way to describe this thing. Only way to improve it would be if it was automated and came built into your camera somehow.
    That would own.

  • choiski

    You can use Microsoft Groupshot (free) to do this yourself. Originally designed to combine the best faces from multiple shots of people posing, it can merge pictures to eliminate people as well.


    So it’s just for lazy people and those without photoshop?

  • Sir Obvious

    If they need more pictures of the same place, why not just wait till people clear out??