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Vehicular Turntables

Vehicle Turntable (Image courtesy Hovair Systems Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll be honest. The main reason I wanted to post this story was to show off the screenshots this company has posted on their website. Hovair Systems Inc. provides vehicle turntables for both commercial and residential uses which means you can have one installed right in your driveway if you wanted. And seriously, if you had a ride like the one pictured here wouldn’t you want it to show it off, slowly rotating, 24-7?

Of course the turntable has practical uses too. If you live on a busy street and backing out of your driveway is a pain then every morning you could simply rotate your vehicle and drive straight out. Installation is apparently not that difficult either. The turntable uses a thin cushion of air so there’s minimal parts that can wear down and it only requires a shallow pit about 4-5 inches deep for the hardware.

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