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Weed Burner

Weed Burner (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m all for accomplishing mundane, everyday tasks through the use of fire even if the situation really doesn’t call for it. If simply uprooting an unwanted weed on your carefully landscaped pathway just doesn’t satisfy you then thoroughly incinerating the intruder might bring some real closure.

The Weed Burner is a lightweight propane-fired burner designed for clearing weeds right down to the roots in driveways or walkways and includes a regulator valve for controlling the flame intensity depending on how vengeful you feel. It’s also suggested the burner can be used to melt dangerous patches of ice in the winter but I’m sure our intrepid readers will be able to think of thousands of other uses for the device.

The Weed Burner is currently available from Amazon for $34.95.

[Weed Burner] VIA [Uber-Review]

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  • Bob’s yer uncle

    TScrew those itsy-bitsy pansy torches, this is how a REAL man makes creme brulee!

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  • Koskun

    This thing has been out for more than a decade.

  • Simon

    I get the feeling we will all be getting this to attain that perfect char-grill look for our freshly barbecued steaks! Hook me up!

  • fronten

    ye, indeed.. a very old and common item 😉
    at least possibly.

    the german railway service men use such to keep the railways free from weeds (bigger versions of course)

    the working men who tar the street and the roof also use such devices..

  • Al

    I got one of these off my folks as a present (and a hint I think) and was hoping to make the weeds on my patio a thing of the past. I was actually pretty disappointed with its effectiveness as it takes about 5 minutes to frazzle the smallest of weeds (it was quite therapeutic though :))