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Valve’s Portal

By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve spent a good 20 years or so of my life playing video games on nearly every type of computer and gaming system imagineable and as a result these days I definitely lean towards games that can bring something new and innovative to the table. Without a doubt Half-Life 2 and the gravity gun fit that bill and it seems like Valve’s got a few new ideas for the FPS genre in the works as well.

‘Portal’ is a new game that uses a special weapon capable of firing usable portals wherever you need a quick escape. Describing it is difficult but watching the video above makes it all clear why this could make for some brilliant deathmatches. (And yes I know the recent ‘Prey’ uses a similar idea but I hated that game.)

While it was originally rumored this new weapon would appear in the Half-Life 2: Episode 2 package, according to EA ‘Portal’ will actually be bundled as a standalone game set in the Half-Life 2 world.