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TEC Ifra-red Grill

TEC Infra-Red Barbecue (Image courtesy TEC)By Andrew Liszewski

It’s well into the barbecuing season and it seems like there’s a new competitor ready to take on the traditional fuels like charcoal briquettes or propane for grilling supremacy. Infra-red grills have already become popular amongst steakhouses since it can sear meat faster and cooks more evenly than chunks of charcoal can so TEC is now bringing infra-red grilling to the home BBQ.

The technology still does rely on a gas burner but it’s actually used to heat a slab of ceramic or glass that in turn emits radiant heat to your steak or ribs in a more even process at temperatures up to 1,700?F without the risk of charring flare-ups.

The TEC Sterling G 4000 FR Ifra-red Grill is the company’s flagship model and will set you back a whopping $6,610 which means traditional grilling methods are probably safe for a little while longer.

[TEC Infra-Red BBQ] VIA [Popular Science]


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