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Wear iPod, Attract Lightning

ipod lightning injury picture

By David Ponce

What I’d like to know is just what this fella was thinking by mowing the lawn while thunder clouds hovered above? Perhaps he wanted to get the grass cut in time before the downpour. Whatever the case, this is him after he got struck by lightning while wearing his iPod. As you can see, current traveled along the wires, burning the side of his face and ear, and causing some permanent hearing loss.

The lesson? Well, there’s no lesson really. Just don’t wear any kind of metal anything on your person when a storm nears.

[Denverpost Article] VIA [The Raw Feed]

  • w.y.

    Oh, poor guy!

  • dude


  • kurt

    he’s cute though ..

  • doubtful

    Are you sure God just wasn’t trying to take him out for those awful chops?

  • Theweirdone

    since when was it a wise idea to attatch your ipod to your head. hopfully this experience will enlighten him to the fact that wearing an ipod on your face isnt a good look lol

  • Joshua DeLawrence

    Maybe mom and dad where being doosh bags and made him mow it.

  • Mark Mallard

    Maybe you could learn to spell “douche”. Douche.