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Dead Comfy – Body Bag Bean Bags

Dead Comfy Bean BagsBy Andrew Liszewski

So this one’s a bit morbid but at the same time is kind of amusing to me. As part of the ‘Dark Designs’ show in London artist Joe Riley created these body bag bean bags. Inside the white outer bag is a bright pink ‘body’ that contains the actual beans. When it’s all sealed up the bean bag has a rather convincing ‘recently deceased’ look to it. Having one of these on the floor of your living room will probably stir up some interesting conversation, but I can also see this being the source of some hilarious hijinks.

There are prices listed for the bags on the Udder Stuff website. ?100 for the large version (which appears to also include a small version) and ?60 for the medium sized one. However I can’t seem to find a way to order one, through the website at least.

[Dead Comfy Bean Bags] VIA [Coolest Gadgets]


2 responses to “Dead Comfy – Body Bag Bean Bags”

  1. Gizmodo says:

    Body Bag Bean Bags: Dead-On Chic…

    If you’re beyond emo all the way into Goth, these Body Bag Bean Bags will serve as a macabre decoration for your living room that will make it seem more like that dream morgue you’ve always wanted. Add to these……

  2. Nagga says:

    Please dont let Emo’s and Goths claim these sweet items… they (the bags) are too cool! (i was thinking more on the lines of evil lab then a morgue)