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InVoca Voice-Activated Remote

InVoca Voice-Activated Remote (Image courtesy Gizmologia)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure a lot of people already talk or even scream at their TVs (especially with the World Cup being on) so isn’t it about time the TV should actually listen? With the InVoca voice-activated remote you can change the channel, adjust the volume and control most functions of your home theater with the sound of your voice.

The InVoca remote will accept up to 54 different voice commands and can recognize up to 4 different voices. It even allows you to setup macros and execute them with a single command. (ex. Power on DVD player, switch to component input then play.) It also includes rechargeable batteries and a charging base so you hopefully won’t ever need to scramble for fresh batteries.

The InVoca remote is currently available from Brookstone for a reasonable $50.

[InVoca Voice-Activated Remote] VIA [Gizmologia]