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The Spankometer, Not What You’re Thinking… Or Perhaps It Is

spankometerBy David Ponce

There are all sorts of ways of getting in shape. The Danes will have you believe one of them is, well… spanking the monkey. Yeah, you read that right: choking the chicken, shaking the snake, draining the dragon, polishing the rocket and such. To help you attach metrics to your favorite sport, a danish website is selling the Spankometer. Much like a spankometerpedometer, the spankometer keeps track of, um, the number of strokes, average time taken and calories burned.

The disturbing part? The product description urges you to “Compete with your mates”!!

Please, for the love of Jeevus… Dont.

[The Spankometer] VIA [Coolest-Gadgets]
Thanks, Alex!