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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Sevylor Manta Ray

Sevylor Manta Ray (Image courtesy Sevylor)By Andrew Liszewski

My original post on the Wego Kite Tube resulted in quite a debate in the comments section about the overall safety of the towable ride. One reader even posted a couple of videos of riders falling off the Kite Tube that have ensured I will never climb aboard one.

Well another flight-capable towable is now available called the Manta Ray and with its 11-foot ‘wingspan’ it can begin to hover at only 23 mph travelling against the wind. The actual height the towable can achieve during ‘flight’ is only really limited by how much tow cable you have available. At lower speeds when the Manta Ray is just skimming across the water it can seat two persons but the company strongly discourages attempting to hover with more than one person on board.

The Sevylor Manta Ray is currently available from various outdoor or watersport-type stores for about $500. A video of the Manta Ray in action is available here.

[Sevylor Manta Ray] VIA [Gizmag]

Tornado Demonstration Model

Tornado Demonstration Model (Image courtesy Edmund Scientifics)By Andrew Liszewski

Ken: “Hey Bill, whatever happened to that miniature trailer park demonstration model you used to have on your desk?”
Bill: “Yeah sadly it was destroyed when I fired up this miniature tornado demonstration model. The good news is that TLC is making a miniature documentary about the whole thing so I’ll get to be on TV!”

That’s right, no longer do you have to risk your life riding with storm chasers to catch a glimpse of a real-life tornado. Now you can brew them up right on your desk with this tornado demonstration kit. The whole thing is supposed to be used to teach children about how tornados form but I’m sure better applications can be found.

The Tornado Demonstration Model will set you back $229.95 from Edmund Scientifics.

[Tornado Demonstration Model] VIA [Ubergizmo]

Concept: Real Winamp Player

winamp mp3 player concept

By David Ponce

Well, here’s a fun concept. Take everyone’s favorite MP3 playback software, Winamp, and make a physical player inspired by it.

That’s all I have really, a picture. Still, it makes you wonder why this hasn’t been done yet, especially considering just how fond people are of Winamp.

VIA [MobileWhack]

Nail Trepanation Made Easy With The Pathformer

nail trepanation pathformer

By David Ponce

There you go. What better way to start the day and enjoy your coffee/breakfast than by looking at some gross medical pictures? Huh? This sight for sore eyes is a nail being Trephinated (aka trepanated, etc) by the Pathformer, a tool specifically designed for this task. Trepanation is the act of drilling holes, basically, and it seems that if you smash your nails real hard, and get subungal hematoma (black toe), it might do you some good to do just that. The little holes allow the pooled blood to pour out and relieve the painful pressure.

The Pathfinder

creates a microconduit in skin or nail within a specified depth range. The scissioning tool continually measures the resistance with reference to a skin electrode. This ensures the halting of the procedure when the lowering resistance reaches a preset value.

Fully open pathways can be painlessly scized (cut) through the stratum corneum of the skin or the nail. Microconduits, 300-500 microns in diameter, are produced within seconds and without sensation.

[Patherformer Website] VIA [Medgadget]

Mercedes Telephone Module With Bluetooth

Mercedes Telephone Module With Bluetooth

By David Ponce

Mercedes recently announced the release of a dandy telephone module, with Bluetooth? (SAP-Profile). The SAP stands for SIM Access Profile, and it makes a world of difference in terms of ease of use. Once your phone has paired with the device once, it never needs to do so again. As soon as you’re within range, the module will recognise the phone. This will enable you to not only make calls using the car’s multifunction steering wheel, audio system, and central display in the instrument cluster, but it will also give you access to your contacts and the ability to read SMSs. What’s more, this specific type of Bluetooth connection transfers cellular reception away from the handset, and to the car’s antenna, which will boost signal sensitivity several-fold.

The downside is that Bluetooth SAP-Profile works only on some mobile models, such as the Nokia 6230, 6230 and 8800, as well as the Siemens S65, SK65, S75 and SL75. Pricing is as follows: as a closed-box system in autonomous design for 373 euros (German price, including VAT), or as a handset with handrest and passive cable-connected receiver for 406 euros (German price, including VAT). Contact your Mercedes dealer for local availability.

[Mercedes Bluetooth Module] VIA [Gizmologia]

Shouldercool 3163 Ergo-Mousepad

Shouldercool 3163 Ergo-Mousepad

By Bruce Eaton

This comes straight from Korea and surprisingly isn’t a bad iPod knock-off, but rather an innovative new mousepad called the Shouldercool 3163 by Echery. Unlike the common pad that rests flat, the Shouldercool mounts at an angle on the desk, and according to the designers of the pad, it will avoid unnecessary fatigue in your shoulder and wrist. While I find that I might need to try before buying, anything that might rid me of arm numbing pain might be worth it.

One thing that might prove odd is that you will constantly be fighting gravity as your mouse slides down into the valley created by the pads, but that is just me. Who knows, it might prove to be such an exercise (holding up the mouse on the angle) that you will work out those tiny things you call arms. No word on price at the moment.

[Shouldercool 3163] VIA [Akihabara News]

Radio Rodent

remote control rat 2

By productdose Staff

How can you go wrong with a name like Radio Rodent? Whether you?re talking about a horror movie or remote controlled cat toy, the name conjures grand metaphors of a technological age gone feral and rabid. Like the product copy states, “Radio Rodent is on the loose! Experience wild and crazy radio controlled fun! Indeed. If your idea of playing with your cat involves chasing it around with a robotic mouse with glowing eyes, this device is for you. Radio Rodent?s tail rotates and his eyes light up a ?sinister red,? and he moves forward, backward, right, and left at the push of a button. And why is the remote controller shaped like a cheeseburger? We have no idea!

Buy it here for $18.99, the mere price of a few pounds of cheese.

FunTwist Bluetooth DAP

d chord 800

By Productdose Staff

Why we haven’t seen more wireless headphone integration with MP3 players is frustrating and confusing, but there are a few options out there if you’re willing to track them down. The FunTwist D-Chord 800 presents a digital audio player with Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Forthcoming in editions of 256MB, 512MB and 1GB, the player is equipped to handle MP3, WMA, and WAV files, as well as FM radio reception and recording.

Buy it here, in its 512MB version, for AUS$249. It doesn’t appear to have surfaced outside of Australia yet, but it?s only a matter of time.

Sneaky Shorts

Sneaky Shorts (Image courtesy Dr. Sneaky)
By Andrew Liszewski

Trying to find a better way to sneak your favorite contraband beverage into that movie theater, grade school play or jury duty but find the Beer Belly option to be too classy? Well the Sneaky Shorts might be a great alternative for you.

Worn under your pants (and hopefully above your boxers) the Sneaky Shorts’ bladders are able to hold 24 oz. of your liquid of choice but are designed to remain thin and concealable even when completely filled. As an added bonus, though it’s not mentioned on their website the Sneaky Shorts are also able to take even the coldest of drinks and gently warm them to body temperature well before you arrive at your destination. And once there I’m sure you won’t draw any attention to yourself when you raise your pant leg to access the conveniently placed spigot either.

The Sneaky Shorts are currently available on the Dr. Sneaky website for $19.99 and please be aware that even the site refers to them as a novelty item so don’t go relying on them for your next Everest attempt.

[Sneaky Shorts] VIA [Uneasy Silence]