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The Urwerk Blackbird, An Expensive Sounding Watch

urwerk watchBy David Ponce

The bastard child of MarketingSpeak and Limited Edition is Expensiveness. Just how expensive is unclear and unimportant. What matters is that the 103 Blackbird from Urwerk is a very special watch. Only 10 will be made. And they’ll be made in a very special way:

The streamlined platinum case is cloaked in an exotic black PE-CVD or Plasma Enhanced-Chemical Vapor Deposition coat that boasts an extremely high scratch resistance.

Accentuating the Blackbird?s powerful visual impact is the black PVD coating on the dial, satellites and orbital cross: the latter crafted from high-tech grade 2 titanium.

A case shape as incredibly complex as the 103 Blackbird is extremely difficult to machine in gold and harder still in the much denser platinum

Yeah, platinum case. Seems they also make it in the relatively cheaper gold.

[Urwerk 103 Blackbird] VIA [Josh Spear]