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Tronical PowerTune

Tronical PowerTune (Images courtesy Tronical)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Tronical PowerTune is an auto-tuning system that can be retrofitted to virtually any make or brand of guitar and is typically accurate to within 0.1 cent. (Manual tuning is apparently usually only accurate to within 0.2 cent.)

The system consists of three components that produce minimal cosmetic changes to the guitar but more importantly does not affect the sound. First there’s the TuneControl-Multiknob which serves as the interface and also provides visual feedback on what is happening during a tuning. Secondly there’s the PowerHead-Locking Turners which are basically motors and servos that are used to automatically increase or decrease the tension on the strings and finally there’s the TuneControl-Bridge and Tune-Core Controller which is what actually ‘listens’ to the guitar and calculates how the string tensions should be adjusted in order to tune the instrument.

The PowerTune system should be available at select stores as of April 2006 for about $500.

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