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R/C Golf Ball

R/C Golf Incred-a-Ball (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Keeping with the R/C theme this morning there’s now a high-tech way to prank your friends during that weekly round of golf. Those exploding golf balls of yesterday are so passe, what you really need to mess with their minds is the R/C Incred-a-Ball.

The ball itself house a small motor presumably with an offset weight on the drive-shaft like is used to make cellphones vibrate. Using the included remote you can cause the golf ball to vibrate making it mysteriously fall off a tee or use it while on the green to pull off some truly amazing putts. I can only assume it’s not recommended to actually hit the Incred-a-Ball with a driver though since the internal components of the ball are probably not that durable.

The RC Incred-a-Ball is currently available from for about $25.00 and includes the remote control and charging base for the ball.

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