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Best Anti-Smoking Advert Ever

anti smoking ceiling painting

By David Ponce

Looks like there are still places on this planet that have dedicated smoking rooms (like India), and while the segregation is very nice for all the non-smokers, the fact still remains that all those cancer sticks are bound to take their toll eventually. That’s why we’re totally digging this brilliant anti-smoking advert (hot on the heels of yet another cool ad format) from Everest Brand Solutions, in Mumbai, India. It’s called “Cemetery”, and as you can see from the picture, it makes it look like your smoke room is at the bottom of a grave.

It doesn’t really get more subtle than that. We’re not really optimistic about the impact it’ll have on smokers worldwide, but it sure makes a hell of a statement.

[Cemetery Anti-Smoking Ad] VIA [No Puedo Creer]