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TomTom Celebrity Voice Directions

By Bruce Eaton

“I pity the fool” that doesn’t have car navigation, hence top nav-system company TomTom will be releasing celebrity voices for download to your car’s system by the end of the year. According to CEO Will Andre, the add-on aims to bring a change to current voices and provide drivers with something new for them to listen to such as the example by Mr. T:

?Pay attention to what I?m saying,? or ?Mr. T gonna get you there in one piece ? you gonna be there safely, or else!?

The plan is looking at charging $5 for generic theme voices, such as a cowboy or valleygirl, and $10 for celebrity voices, such as Mr. T, Burt Reynolds and Dennis Hopper. This means cheap so quit your jibber-jabber. I personally would love the Agent Smith voice pack. “A left at the light… Mr. Anderson”.

VIA [Sci Fi Tech]