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Sevylor Manta Ray

Sevylor Manta Ray (Image courtesy Sevylor)By Andrew Liszewski

My original post on the Wego Kite Tube resulted in quite a debate in the comments section about the overall safety of the towable ride. One reader even posted a couple of videos of riders falling off the Kite Tube that have ensured I will never climb aboard one.

Well another flight-capable towable is now available called the Manta Ray and with its 11-foot ‘wingspan’ it can begin to hover at only 23 mph travelling against the wind. The actual height the towable can achieve during ‘flight’ is only really limited by how much tow cable you have available. At lower speeds when the Manta Ray is just skimming across the water it can seat two persons but the company strongly discourages attempting to hover with more than one person on board.

The Sevylor Manta Ray is currently available from various outdoor or watersport-type stores for about $500. A video of the Manta Ray in action is available here.

[Sevylor Manta Ray] VIA [Gizmag]