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Ideazon Fang USB Gamepad Reviewed. Verdict: Hardcore Gamer Choice

The one on the left is the Fang, FYI

Seriously, if you have enough time to spare for games like WoW and Oblivion, you shouldn’t settle for a lame Dell quiet keyboard. The Ideazon Fang, reviewed by Everything USB, is arguably the best PC USB gamepad out there.

The Ideazon Fang is the best gaming device in Ideazon’s three-device lineup. It is notable, not for expanding and adding functionality to their devices, but taking it away. Finally Ideazon has taken away the mediocre keyboard function of their gaming weapons and left the gamer to set up their own desktop with an excellent gamepad like the Fang and the keyboard of their choice for everyday computer work.

For the full review, follow the link love.

[Everything USB Reviews The Ideazon Fang]

  • Oren

    Been using it for as week and I totaly agree. The best gaming device ever (For the price). Makes gaming so much more fun.