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American Express Butterfly Card

American Express Butterfly Card (Images courtesy American Express)
By Andrew Liszewski

The AMEX Butterfly card is supposed to make it easier to carry and use your AMEX Gold Card but personally I don’t see it. The main ‘innovation’ here is that the card itself can fold in half and fit into a metallic keychain-sized case. You can even leave the magnetic stripe side of the card sticking out so that it can be easily swiped without having to completely remove the card from the case.

The card is available to any American Express Gold Card members for no additional fees and while it will come with a different number than your standard AMEX Gold Card, any charges made with the Butterfly will be linked to your primary card’s account. (And will appear in a seperate section on your bill.)

I’ve never really had much difficuly in fitting a single credit card into any of my pockets but I guess if whipping out the Gold card doesn’t attract as much attention as you’d like this might be a way to turn heads.

[AMEX Butterfly Card] VIA [Cool Hunting]