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gnome b goneBy David Ponce

I bet that if you take a walk, just now, you’ll find a Flanders-y neighbour that owns some garden gnomes. They’re lovely little pests, no? So, why don’t you make a statement, with the Gnomes-Be-Gone?

These American beauties will show those European garden twirps who’s boss, and look like they’re taking them right where they belong: to the curb.

Of course, this bit of Americana kitch isn’t cheap, at $125, but if you ask me, worth every penny.

[Gnomes-Be-Gone] VIA [Uncrate]


2 responses to “Gnomes-Be-Gone”

  1. Gizmodo says:


    Whose idea where these garden gnomes, anyway? Make fun of your na?ve neighbors who think those goofy little garden puppets are cool. Designed by Fred Conlon, the metal yard goblins unceremoniously eliminate that garden gnome’s command with extreme pr…

  2. Simon says:

    I must admit, they are much cooler in real life. I saw them in a window. They look so friggin’ gleeful in their task! Just imagine an anti-seven-dwarf tune as sung by those two!