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The Daddle – A Saddle for Dad

The Daddle (Image courtesy the Cashel Company)By Andrew Liszewski

Hey all you 4 and 5-year-olds reading OhGizmo, Father’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to say “Thanks for everything dad” or “Your old lifestyle of trying to remain cool and hip is officially over” than with the Daddle?

This soft, stuffed saddle includes adjustable stirrups and allows any parent to give their kids (aged 2-6) an authentic horsy ride. And if things get out of control the whole thing is machine washable in case your little cowboy loses his vittles after a particularly rough ride.

The Daddle is currently available from for $49.95. For those dads getting on in years you can also add a pair of knee pads to your order for an extra $32.95.

[The Daddle] VIA [Pocket-lint]


5 responses to “The Daddle – A Saddle for Dad”

  1. kenna says:

    why narrow it down to 4- and 5-year-olds? this is just handy!

  2. Thomas Paine says:

    there is just something wrong about that picture

  3. Daniel says:

    Now a 1 metre ride to the kitchen can take a whole 5 minutes!

  4. ob1 says:

    Are you sure this is for kids?

  5. mac says:

    Why isn't a whip included?