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VideoEase Coax to Cat. 5 Adapter

VideoEase Coax to Cat. 5 Convertor (Image courtesy SmartHome)By Andrew Liszewski

Besides the multiple times you impale your fingers on the sharp needle like tip, coaxial cable is also notoriously stiff and difficult to work with. Even the most obsessively maintained entertainment centers no doubt have large loops of poorly organized coax cable sitting behind them.

This VideoEase adapter can make routing a cable TV signal a lot easier though. One end of the adapter has a standard coax connection but the other end has a female RJ45 port allowing you to transmit the signal over Cat. 5 cable which is arguably far more flexible and easy to work with than coax can be.

Like is often the case though convenience doesn’t always mean cheap. The VideoEase Coax to Cat. 5 adapters are available from SmartHome for $54.99 each. Though if you’re one of those home theater enthusiasts who pays $15,000 for 4 feet of cable this may seem like a steal.

Update: Well according to this review it seems like these may not work as well as the website claims they do. (Thanks to ‘Wookie’ for the link.)

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