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The Typhoon, A Personal Supercomputer

tyan supercomputer

By David Ponce

Determining the optimal angle and launch speed of an orbital vehicle, or the calculating the speed of propagation of an infectious disease among the world’s populations, or, better yet, predicting The Apocalypse from various clues left in ancient texts has so far been left to serious scientists. You know, the kind with grants and degrees. What with their fancy supercomputers, they’re able to crunch numbers faster than anyone, while you’re left in the dust of conjecture and guesstimation.

No longer my friend. Set $10,000 aside, and purchase the Typhoon, from Tyan. They’re calling it a “Personal Supercomputer”.

It’s powered by eight Intel low-voltage ‘Woodcrest’ Xeon processors and packs up to 48GB of memory.

It’ll “blow you away”, quipped Tyan CEO Symon Change – the 68 x 36 x 32cm system contains four removable motherboard units, each with a pair of dual-core Xeon 5100-series LV CPUs and 12GB of registered 533MHz or 667MHz DDR 2 SDRAM. Each ‘node’ board can take a single SATA storage devices.

Of course, mad scientists have no use for fancy graphics, and this is reflected in the puny 16Mb video card.

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