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Dolphin Floating Universal Remote

Dolphin Floating Remote (Image courtesy Smarthome)By Andrew Liszewski

Man oh man, I can’t even begin to count how many remotes I’ve lost by either dropping them in an aquarium or kitchen sink or random bucket of water. Oh wait that’s right, none. But the day this happens I’ll be getting one of these Dolphin floating/waterproof universal remotes to make sure it never happens again.

To be fair the Dolphin remote is actually designed to be used in the hot tub for controlling your sound system without ever having to leave the warm water. The remote uses an included IR/RF command center which allows it to control your home theater equipment from up to 100 feet away which is kind of importnt since most homes don’t have the hot tub and home theater setup right next to each other.

The Dolphin is also a full-function learning remote that can even be used to control the hot tub itself with buttons for the lights, jets and pumps. If you’ve already lost many a remote control to the depths of your hot tub then the Dolphin’s $179.99 price tag may seem quite reasonable to you.

[Dolphin Floating Universal Remote] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]


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