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Repurposing Old PC Parts


By David Ponce

When your hardware’s expired its last breath, you can take the lazy way out, and give it a new home in your local landfill. Or, you can get creative, and artsy, and have your stuff displayed all over the net.

Come inside for tons more.

There’s precious little info on just who made any of this, and I suspect it’s just a collection from various parts of the web. That said, if anyone wants to claim anything as their own, well, please do.

Favorites, anyone?








VIA [Ounae]

  • Daniel

    lol, loving that barbeque. But what the heck is that first one made out of?

  • missmanytoes

    Love the hamster cage myself. That first one is keyboard parts.

  • Priyanka

    I am in love with those!


    The first one is made of of keyboard components

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  • Duke

    Using a PC cabinet as a barbeque is not advisable. The metal alloy contains ALOT of harmful components.

  • Serge

    You want to see what can be done using old electronic parts? Go there:
    or there :