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Nerve-Express, An Expensive Health Monitoring Pocket PC

pocket pc nerve expressBy David Ponce

Looks like $5,000 just doesn’t have the same mileage it used to. For this tidy sum, you can purchase a package from company Heart Rhythm Instruments called Pocket-PC Nerve Express. It includes an iPaq, a Polar belt (to be fixed firmly around one?s chest) and a transducer. You are then to go out in the wilderness (or the comfort of your treadmill) and put your health to the test. The device and software will then assess your heart rate variability, an apparently essential determinant of your level of physical fitness.

At this price, you may as well try and turn it into a microbusiness of sorts. Like, standing on a street corner, trying to convince passersby to strap themselves in, and determine their level of fitness, for $10 a pop.

Cause, after you’ve done the test once or twice… what’s the point?

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