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The Mosquito Mega-Catch

mosquito mega-catchBy David Ponce

With the summer here, I bet many of you would appreciate the Mosquito Mega-Catch, a lean, mean, mosquito murderer. It uses

a strip of octenol (to generate a scent that resembles breath), a UV bulb, and flashing LEDs (oscillating frequencies determined to coincide with spectral sensitivities of many mosquitoes).

When mosquitoes get close to the trap, the patented airflow system that disperses the attractant sucks the insects inside, where they are collected in a mesh catch bag or a liquid catch pan that is easy and safe to empty. In a USDA suburban test, our trap captured up to 1,200 mosquitoes in a single night and diminished mosquito populations over an entire acre.

So, not only are you ridding yourself of these suckers, you’re doing your neighborhood a service. And at $200 from Hammacher-Schlemmer, it’s not completely unaffordable.


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