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Gryphon Single Man Flying Wing

By Bruce Eaton

Man and machine, Power Xtreme! Straight from the Centurions is the Gryphon Single Man Flying Wing. When strapped to a freefalling paratrooper, the 1.5m (4.9ft)-span delta wing and two micro-turbojets can propel a paratrooper a horizontal distance of 200km. Controlled by servos and holding 2 litres of fuel, you turn what would be a normal trooper drop into mini-man planes flying in from out of nowhere.

A German company is developing the technology and has yet to test it with the engines… but they have used non-engine models that allow for 50km glides. Long gone will be the days of the HALO jump to sneak in spies: just drop them from outside a country’s borders and they can fly themselves in. Obviously no price but I know what you’re thinking: how long till I can strap one on?

[Gryphon Single Man Flying Wing] VIA [Double Viking]