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Monthly Archives: May 2006

MobileWhack Turns One, You Get Money (Sort Of)

moneyBy David Ponce

The guys at MobileWhack do an excellent job of covering the digital world. They focus on consumer electronics a little more heavily than we do, and they have a dedicated flock.

They also just turned one, and are giving out $50 Amazon gift certificates to celebrate. The first batch is fresh out, but there’s more where the first one came from. So head on over that way to see if you can score some.

[MobileWhack’s Birthday Bash]

GearLive Reviews Sprint’s Samsung MM-A920

samsung mm-a920

By David Ponce

The summer’s here, the skirts are short, and it’s finally time to get a new cellphone. If you’re not feeling like giving everyone’s favorite new MVNO, Helio, a shot, well, you should know there’s plenty of fish in the sea. One such big fish is Sprint, and the guys over at GearLive gave their flagship phone, the Samsung MM-A920, a thorough review.

Long story short, the phone’s a winner, the service is ‘spensive. They were particularly impressed by one feature called VoiceSignal.

VoiceSignal is more than just for dialing contacts, you can make voice requests for battery life, signal strength, and even to launch programs. Good stuff.

However, the 15fps video clips (pretty good) taken with the phone are limited to 30 seconds (pretty bad).

Wanna get more deets (who says “deets” anymore?), head on over to GearLive.

1.21 Jigowatts! – BTTF DeLorean Replica

Back To The Future DeLorean (Image courtesy eBay Motors)By Andrew Liszewski

So it seems the guy who was selling that detailed replica of the Back To The Future Flux Capacitor we previously wrote about is back but this time with the rest of the car.

That’s right, a perfect replica of the time-travelling DeLorean as seen in the BTTF trilogy is now available to the highest bidder on eBay Motors. And if you thought the detail put into that Flux Capacitor was impressive the builder has gone above and beyond with the rest of the vehicle. Features include the aforementioned ‘working’ Flux Capacitor and an interior lighting system complete with programmable time circuits on the dashboard. And other features like the movie accurate plutonium reactor and other exterior and interior detailing were created from castings of an original ‘time-travelling’ DeLorean that was built by the film’s propmakers and had actual screen time.

The current bid for the BTTF DeLorean (at the time of writing this) is $9,100 and not surprisingly the reserve has not been met yet.

[Back To The Future DeLorean New Link] VIA [Productdose]

Flymo Pac a Mow Fold-away Lawnmower

Flymo Pac a Mow (Image courtesy Flymo)By Andrew Liszewski

Buying a lawnmower is usually never as much fun as buying a new phone or MP3 player but the Pac a Mow lawnmower appears to at least have a little bit of gadget appeal. (Though it is quite lacking in the naming department.)

From Flymo, the same company keeping the ‘hover mower’ alive and well comes this electric lawnmower that can be collapsed to a very compact size and easily stowed. Odds are if your lawn is small enough to warrant an electric mower then your storage space will probably be just as small. The grass collection bin on the Pac a Mow can be removed and then placed over the front wheels and blade assembly which not only makes it safe to carry around but also allows it to be stored in places a mower normally couldn’t be.

The Flymo Pac a Mow is available online, though I’ve only been able to find it at UK retailers for about ?85.

[Flymo Pac a Mow] VIA [Coolest-Gadgets]

The $12,000 Button

This 100px by 120px button is a novel form of advertisement, inspired by Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage. It allows you to purchase advertisement on OhGizmo in incremental amounts, to match your budget. Each pixel on that space costs $1, and you can purchase in blocks of $100. The link to your page will stay on the site for two years and the cumulative traffic you will receive during this period will result in very low CPM rates.

OhGizmo! receives a monthly average of 250,000 unique visitors, totalling over 400,000 page views. Over 1,000 other blogs link here, and Alexa has determined that we are (as of May 28th, 2006) the 22,633th most trafficked site on the internet.

As of this writing, 6,000 pixels have already been sold. Don’t miss out, and get yours now.


PANTONE huey (Image courtesy PANTONE)By Andrew Liszewski

A friend of mine who runs what I consider to be the best photoblog on the web ( recently introduced me to the huey which he uses to color-calibrate his monitors.

One of the first products to come out of a collaboration between PANTONE and GretagMacbeth the huey is small and compact (about the size of a Sharpie marker) and using it couldn’t be easier. Simply launch the included software which will show you exactly where to hang or attach the huey to your screen and it will then automatically run through a series of color tests. The results are then used to create a custom color profile for your system that in theory should provide far more accurate color balance and levels. The huey can then be docked into a small stand where it will monitor light levels in your room based on set time intervals and can be configured to automatically adjust your display to compensate for varying lighting conditions.

Based on a couple of reviews I’ve come across the huey definitely works best with a good quality CRT or LCD display which most graphic professionals will be working with. Unfortunately though since PANTONE is positioning the huey as a consumer-level device some users with lower-end displays may get mixed results.

The PANTONE huey has a suggested reatail price of $89 but I’ve found it online for as low as $65 making it by far the cheapest monitor calibration system I have come across.

[PANTONE huey]

ITER – Experimental Fusion Reactor

ITER Fusion Reactor (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Consider this to be the mother of all gadgets. Costing an estimated 10 billion euros to build the ITER experimental fusion reactor will be the second most expensive scientific collaboration of all time after the international space station. The cost of ITER is currently being shared by the US, Japan, China, Russia and others with the European Union picking up almost half the tab.

The reactor will be built in southern France and construction is set to begin in 2007 and will take about 8 years to complete. If all goes well officials predict a demonstration power plant could be up and running there as soon as 2040.

As we get more and more gadget dependent I don’t see the world’s demand for energy dropping off anytime soon and given that one kilogram of fusion fuel would produce the same amount of energy as 10,000,000 kg of fossil fuel Fusion reactors are probably a decent alternative.

If you never got around to getting that degree in nuclear physics but are curious as to how a Fusion reactor works then make sure to check out this page on

[ITER – Experimental Fusion Reactor] VIA [Slashdot]

A Stapler That Doesn’t Need Staples

staplless stapler

By David Ponce

It’s amazing just how much more things make sense when you have a video. This is not new tech, by any means. But, if you ask me, it should be.

The Lihit Number 5 stapler, made by Japanese company Lihit Industrial around 1986, does not use staples at all. Instead, it cuts and tucks a little flap of paper.

Fun stuff, eh? Come inside and check out the video.

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TripleHead2Go Now Shipping

triple head2go

By David Ponce

A long time ago, we posted about Matrox’s DualHead2Go, a device that allowed you to split your single display in two, giving you twice the real estate. Well, time marches on, and Matrox just announced that not the Dual, but the TripleHead2Go is now shipping. So, yeah, you got that. With this $300 device, you can add up to three screens to your system, even if it supports only one.

In other words, if you added three 19 inch LCDs to your setup, you’d get a whopping 45″ of total diagonal real estate. That’s a resolution of up to 3840×1024, and you kind of have to hope that your graphics card is up to the challenge.

The nice thing is that, realising the potential, many game manufacturers are now working with Matrox to ensure that they can take advantage of the device. Until now, there are 135 working titles, including World of Warcraft? by Blizzard Entertainment, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast?
by Sierra and Valve, and Unreal Tournament 2004? by Epic Games.

They’re calling it Surround Gaming, and all I can think of is: when can I expect to see QuintupleHead2Go?