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Monthly Archives: May 2006

The Wheelman, Expensive Motorized Skateboard


By David Ponce

This sounds like a good way for your face and the pavement to meet. Oh, and for your wallet to go missing one month’s salary in the process.

That said, there’s no doubt that there are those who wouldn’t mind owning the Australian-made Wheelman, a motorized skateboard of sorts. It’s powered by a two-stroke engine that holds 1.5 litres of fuel. That’s enough for an hour and a half of riding around, on or off-road at top speeds of 19mph. The fuel pump? You hold it in your hand, and squeeze it now and then (not sure whether this is the throttle as well).

The price of all this hilarity? $1,500.

Come inside for some videos.

[The Wheelman] VIA [TechEBlog]

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Ballpark Pens

Ballpark Pens (Image courtesy UncommonGoods)
By Andrew Liszewski

A friend of mine has a couple of seats he bought from the Montreal Forum before it was torn down a few years ago and I’ve always thought it was the ultimate sports souvenir.

For the baseball fans out there you can now own a small piece of your favorite stadium with these Ballpark Pens. Made from the salvaged seats of old ballparks that have either been renovated or demolished each pen is laser engraved with the stadium’s name and comes with a certificate of stadium wood authenticity.

The pens are currently available from UncommonGoods and include Yankee or Dodger Stadium for $125, Wrigley Field for $150 and Ebbets Field for $200.

[Ballpark Pens] VIA [Productdose]

Built NY Neoprene Lunch Bag

Built NY Neoprene Lunch Bag (Image courtesy Magellan's)By Andrew Liszewski

While the website promotes this lunch bag as being a ‘bring-your-own’ solution to airline food it will probably work just as well in any situation.

Made from stretchy neoprene the Built NY lunch tote has seperate insulated compartments that will hold a variety of food containers in many shapes and sizes and will help keep the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold. It even has a built-in placemat for when you can’t vouch for the sanitary condition of that picnic table, park bench or cubicle desk.

The Built NY Lunch Tote is available from Magellan’s for about $40 (after currency conversion.) Update: It seems while the UK Magellan’s store offers this bag for ?19.85 hence the $40 US pricetag, the US Magellan’s store offers it for the same price, $19.85 but of course in US funds.

Also if that’s not lemonade in the product shot then this lunch bag has other uses not mentioned on the site.

[Built NY Neoprene Lunch Bag] VIA [Shiny Shiny]

SteriPEN – UV Water Purifier

SteriPEN (Image courtesy Magellan's)By Andrew Liszewski

UV light has long been used to rid drinking water of bacteria and other dangerous elements without the need for chemicals, boiling or other harsh treatments.

You can now make sure the water you’re drinking is clean and sterile no matter where you are with the SteriPEN purifier. Just gently stir your glass of water with the handheld device for about a minute and your beverage will be disinfected and ready to drink. The SteriPEN is powered by 4 AA batteries and can purify about 16 oz of water at a time.

The SteriPEN is currently available from Magellan’s for about $280 (after currency conversion.)

[SteriPEN] VIA [Shiny Shiny]

Two New TuneBuckles

tunebuckleBy David Ponce

Remember the Tunebuckle? It was a beltbuckle made for the iPod nano… Well, now the company’s come out with two new versions. One’s called the Full Moon, and as the name implies, it gives access to the nano’s clickwheel. The other’s called the Full Metal Jacket, and pretty much covers the player altogether.

Fits waist sizes 26 inches to 50 inches and costs either $70 (for the Full Moon) or $80 (for the Full Metal Jacket).

[TuneBuckle] VIA [GadgetBuzz]

The BT Glide, A Confused Cordless

BT glide cordless

By David Ponce

As far as features are concerned, cellphones have it good. Land phones are getting left behind, and are comparable to, well, musty old grandmas really. For some reason though, British company BT is trying to spice things up for them, and if you ask me, are doing a great job of it.

The new BT Glide is a cordless land phone with the heart of a cellphone. It’s a slider, and it’s got Bluetooth. That means it can synchronise with your cellphone or PC, to update your contact list. You can also use a Bluetooth wireless headset with it, though at this point, you’re getting a little cordless/wireless action, and it’s all a bit confusing.

Other features include a 2″ 65k colour display with 15 wallpapers, 3 games and the ability to send SMS.

It’s ?180.

[The BT Glide] VIA [SciFi Tech]

Drum Solo On The Wiimote

wii remote

By David Ponce

Still wondering if the Nintendo Wii will kick some butt? Not convinced that the new remote can really bring revolutionary new gameplay?

Come inside for a short video demonstrating the remote’s capabilities. In it, two guys play some drums, and it just looks incredible.

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Dog Helmet

zoomer pet

By David Ponce

How can you own a dog, and not have this? Even if you don’t have a chopper, don’t wear big black leather jackets and don’t have a beard… this is a must have. The little helmet is constructed out of ABS plastic (the same used in hardhats) and fits sizes Large to X.Small. It’s made by company Zoomer Gear, also the proud owners of one the the most fuglalicious websites I’ve come across lately.

You too can have a badass pooch, and it’ll set you back a mere $40 or so.

[Zoomer Gear] VIA [Ounae]

Gameboy LEGO Robot Hybrid

robot legoBy David Ponce

Not smoking new, still cool. Let me make an appropriately old and lame South Park joke as an intro, you know, to break the ice.

1) Make a LEGO/Homebrew-enabled GameBoy Advance robot.
2) ?
3) Profit

Yeah, so that’s the deal. The boys at Charmed Labs inserted a Xport 2.0 into the cartridge slot of the GBA, which essentially turned the device into a robot’s brain. Then, just slapped it on top of some LEGO (or anything else really) body, and watched the action unfold.

These robots are able to do a few nice tricks, the most interesting of which is called “Teach”. You push it around on the floor, in whatever pattern you like, and it’ll reproduce that same path at the press of a button. For a video demonstration, come inside.

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