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CrustaStun – Lobster Electric Chair

By Bruce Eaton

In a step to curb lobster violence, CrustaStun will show them there are penalties for thier actions (like clawing at your defenseless fingers). Using a 110 volt – 2-5 amp current and placed in the CrustaStun, the crustacean will experience an interruption of nervous system functions; it will not feel pain according to Dr. Dave Robb at Bristol University, and will succinctly die and be ready to bath in garlic butter sauce heaven. [Also scientifically proven] The result is that it reduces stress & improves meat quality in terms of texture & flavour.

You have to schedule a meeting to get pricing, so I have no idea of cost, but to be able to kill all the crustacea I care to eat easily is nice. Also the device boasts that it “Can be used by unskilled staff”, so no worries about operation simplicity. They also have a Continuous Flow Stunner for your genocidal war on the shellfish.