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U3 USB Stick Technology

By Bruce Eaton

Not the newest tech but rather, relevant tech. U3 is a software technology that turns USB sticks into more than just portable storage but actual drives, by enabling them to run software straight from them. The guys over on Gadget Madness bought and used a Kingston Data Traveler 2gig USB Stick with U3[Affiliate link -Ed.] and had nothing but fabulous things to say about it:

One word comes to mind: IMPRESSIVE!

While the Kingston Stick itself doesn’t look all that great, the U3 software did what it promised, allowing for you to take your programs with you. No more using a crappy web-based email but how about Thunderbird with all your settings. They also allow for password protection so only you can access your programs on your stick. Programs can be downloaded from U3 where they have lots of selections such as Winamp, WinRAR, and Skype. Check it out for yourself.

[U3] VIA [Gadget Madness]

  • LD

    I HATE U3. It’s so incredibly annoying. Luckily I found a nice way to remove it, a tool from the GeekSquad.

    Not impressive in the least. It’s an invasive way to do something that others are doing better.

  • Josh

    Yep, U3 sucks…it’s not impressive, it’s lame. It’s a lock from a company trying to make money by taking advantage of people who don’t know better…They make you download an uninstaller too, so if you’re not savvy enough to navigate through on the U3 site, you are stuck with something lame?and yes, portable apps is way better and OSS. I guess this website with this revue is just an advertising venue and I won’t be trusting their reviews as either they are getting paid to give good reviews or the reviewers are not very geeky or knowledgeable.