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TokyoFlash High Freq.2

TokyoFlash High Freq.2 (Image courtesy Wrist Dreams)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m usually not that impressed by the watches for sale on TokyoFlash but I do think the High Freq.2 is one of their better designs. The ‘3D’ display uses an equalizer effect where the dots of light are pushed up to the top row then float back down until they ‘fall off’ the face. Two of the lights remain on for an additional 5 seconds afterwards to indicate the seconds then also ‘fall off.’

The watch also apparently uses very little power since it has an advanced LCD screen needing only 1 LED to illuminate the entire watch face.

The High Freq.2 is available now at TokyoFlash for $141.07.

[TokyoFlash High Freq.2] VIA [Wrist Dreams]