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The Wheelman, Expensive Motorized Skateboard


By David Ponce

This sounds like a good way for your face and the pavement to meet. Oh, and for your wallet to go missing one month’s salary in the process.

That said, there’s no doubt that there are those who wouldn’t mind owning the Australian-made Wheelman, a motorized skateboard of sorts. It’s powered by a two-stroke engine that holds 1.5 litres of fuel. That’s enough for an hour and a half of riding around, on or off-road at top speeds of 19mph. The fuel pump? You hold it in your hand, and squeeze it now and then (not sure whether this is the throttle as well).

The price of all this hilarity? $1,500.

Come inside for some videos.

[The Wheelman] VIA [TechEBlog]


55 responses to “The Wheelman, Expensive Motorized Skateboard”

  1. SCI FI Tech says:

    Wheelman motorized skateboard: dangerously fun…

    While we all wait patiently for the ScarPar, this Wheelman motorized skateboard should satisfy your urgent desire to zip quickly and dangerously across a hard surface. Getting you up……

  2. Gizmodo says:

    Wheelman Motorized Skateboard…

    If skateboarding isn’t dangerous enough for you, try the Wheelman, a 19mph death trap with a 43cc two-stroke engine. Squeeze the fuel pump in your hand and it sips a liter of fuel over an hour and a half. If……

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