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Dog Helmet

zoomer pet

By David Ponce

How can you own a dog, and not have this? Even if you don’t have a chopper, don’t wear big black leather jackets and don’t have a beard… this is a must have. The little helmet is constructed out of ABS plastic (the same used in hardhats) and fits sizes Large to X.Small. It’s made by company Zoomer Gear, also the proud owners of one the the most fuglalicious websites I’ve come across lately.

You too can have a badass pooch, and it’ll set you back a mere $40 or so.

[Zoomer Gear] VIA [Ounae]

  • bear

    i agree with ya on the descrption of the zoomergear webpage.

  • http://249087 bob

    this is awesome

  • MelancholyMutt

    Absolutely Junk.
    It won’t stay on a dog’s head unless the dog is motionless. fit guide is off and has no protective value whatsoever. A waste of money and a real disappointment!