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PIX Animated LED Light

PIX Animated LED Light (Image courtesy KJ Global)By Andrew Liszewski

The manufacturer seems to be positioning this palm-sized LED light as a sort of social-interaction tool but I doubt it will catch on for that purpose. However it’s still a pretty slick little toy.

Using custom software you can program the Pix’s 177 red LEDs to display custom animations and messages. Each animation can be made up of up to 255 stills and the PIX can hold up to 3 of them at one time. The software also includes a library of 28 different pre-made animations which you can use as a starting point and edit or customize as needed. An included serial cable is then used to download your animations onto the PIX itself.

The PIX Animated LED Light will run you about $70 (after currency conversion) and is currently available from KJ Global.

[PIX Animated LED Light] VIA [Coolest Gadgets]


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