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Eton & American Red Cross Emergency Radio

Eton & American Red Cross Emergency Radio (Image courtesy NPR Shop)By Andrew Liszewski

With the NOAA already predicting eight to ten hurricanes this season with six of them possibly developing into major hurricanes it’s probaby imperative for those living in the regions typically affected by these storms to prepare for the worst.

From Eton comes this American Red Cross branded emergency radio that could probably prove invaluable in the event of a power-outage or worse. It has an internal Ni-MH rechargeable battery that can either be charged VIA an AC adapter or by using the built-in hand crank. And even with this battery removed the radio can still continue to function by continuous manual cranking. It’s also water-resistant, has 3 built-in LED lights with an emergency flash option and can even be used to charge a cellphone when needed. The radio is able to tune in AM and FM stations, all 7 of the NOAA weather channels and even VHF TV channels (audio only) ensuring you’ll be able to find important news and forecasts at any time.

The Eton American Red Cross Radio is available from the NPR Shop for $60.00. While it’s not the cheapest hand-crank radio on the market it’s good to know that the Eton Corporation will use a portion of all sales of the radio to support the American Red Cross.

[Eton & American Red Cross Emergency Radio] VIA [Popgadget]


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