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The Sheep Market

the sheep market

By David Ponce

Far be it from me to venture anything as unrequested as an “opinion” online… but let me say this: it’s a crazy world we live in. See, it’s the kind of world where you can go to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service and hire an army of workers to handdraw you “10,000 sheep facing left”. You pay them $0.02 a piece (at 105 seconds average completion time per drawing, that works out to $0.69 an hour) for their talents… and then, well, then you create a funky website, call it The Sheep Market and make a killing selling them.

Yeah, I know, it sounds odd. And it is. But there you have it. There’s an online market for cheaply outsourced handdrawn sheep facing left.

What’s next?

[The Sheep Market] VIA [Waxy Links]

  • Jeff

    There are at least 3 (I got bored looking after the first minute) facing the right.

    I did see a few amazingly drawn pictures and one that looked nothing like a sheep. I guess cheap labor just doesn’t get you very far anymore.

  • Xi

    I drew one of those sheep (no idea which one). I was wondering what that was for.

the sheep market